Pool tiling with glass mosaic on Curaçao

A bespoke swimming pool covered with light green glass mosaic at luxurious park Bocagentil, Curacao. Straight at the Caribbean Sea. Over the underwater window water falls to the second pool.
A bespoke swimming pool covered with light green glass mosaic at luxurious park Bocagentil, Curacao. Straight at the Caribbean Sea. Over the underwater window water falls to the second pool.

The glass mosaic pool in Curaçao was one of the last projects of the year. A project never to be forgotten with challenging circumstances, a time pressure, but ultimately with a fantastic result.

The client – an ex professional cyclist – chose during his visit to Wijchen for a chic and relaxing glass mosaic mix of soft greens with white for the swimming pool of his villa on Curaçao.  

Putting the mosaic itself was the original plan of the client. After a crash course installing mosaic from Tom, the son of Milovito owner Vincent, he himself would get started. Even during the course, the question arose whether Tom could not come to Curaçao to install the mosaic in the pool together.

And yes, that turned out to be possible!

Glass mosaic pool in Curaçao, an unforgettable project.

Tom went to Curaçao full of enthusiasm. Great to install such a beautiful Just a few plates against the wind and go!
glass mosaic pool in Curaçao. What he did not know then was that he would face extremely challenging circumstances. What would initially be 7 days of work to start the project turned out to be almost non-stop work for 3 weeks to finish the project on time.

It was not a real candy trip either. Work work work. That was what had to be done. The challenging conditions, the heat, the humidity, the clash of cultures, the clash of standards and the time pressure ensured that all energy and focus went to the project. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Works from 5 am to 1 pm and from 4 to 7 pm. Do not drink from bottles, but from jerrycans of 3 liters that you could use for a few hours. 

Then we are not even talking about the far above average drive and energy of the client. The former cyclist really wanted to tackle and pedal. With his tongue on the knees, sweating over his head, Tom worked – together with the client and collected help – a blow in the round. For three weeks, almost non-stop.  

We therefore asked Tom; how do you look back on this project? Tom: “It was one big school! I will never forget it again. I was used to making conditions so that people and materials function properly. There was no tent with air conditioner here. Here the sun and the wind were master. The materials I use must be processed in temperatures between 15 and 15 degrees. Without draft. Because too low or too high a temperature and draft influence the glue and add such that the adhesion decreases. Then I’m not talking about right and crooked yet.”

“When I arrived, I measured everything first. The pool edge turned out to be 3 cm crooked while an underwater window as a landing from swimming pool 1 to 2 to come. I passed on my remarks to the client who immediately put the “Plasterer” to work. The first few days, crooked and crooked forms kept popping up until I checked the leveling passes with which we worked. As it turned out, 2 of the 3 were crooked! I took 2 new levels at the local hardware store and broke the old one through the middle.

In the end, the client, together with his team, did everything possible to finish his beautiful beach villa on time. In addition to moving the swimming pool, the house was also renovated at the same time. A sprint to the finish line and yes: in time and with flag and streamer finished!  

Beach villa with a glass mosaic pool

The beach villa with a glass mosaic pool therefore ended on time. Ready for the rental. This beautiful villa has both a private beach and a glass mosaic pool. The spectacular swimming pool consists of a main bath with a sunken deck and a huge acrylic glass wall overlooking the sea at the front. From the main bath the water flows gracefully down the glass wall. This water is one floor lower in a second bath. Both a large part of the main bath and the smaller bath are covered with glass mosaic. “It is the eye-catcher of Villa Private Beach”, according to the client. Villa Private Beach